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How to Convert MBOX to PDF for MAC with Attachments?

In this article all the users get their solution to convert MBOX to PDF for Mac system with their attachments in an easy way by using the most frequently application MBOX to PDF Converter. It is one of the prominent utility for users to convert their Mac’s MBOX files into Adobe PDF format and batch print MBOX to PDF with their attachments.

Mostly users thought that it is impossible to convert Mac MBOX files to PDF format. But, in this article we have a solution for all the users who are searching to convert their MBOX to PDF format for Mac system. It can be done easily by following the few simple steps. We will provide you an excellent tool by which users can easily batch export MBOX to PDF format.

Introduction to MBOX and PDF

Before proceeding further, we suggest to have some introduction about the simple file formats. MBOX files are commonly known as mailbox folder which stores the complete email data of various MBOX supported email client. As MBOX file extension is a common email format which supports multiple email clients including Mac Mail. While PDF is the document file format which is so secure to store the data. It offers a password protection to user where no one can modify the original PDF file. PDF format also offers many advantages such as PDF file is used for print, copy multiple PDF files, use for legal reports, medical reports, and for organisation, etc.

Simple Process to Convert MBOX to PDF for Mac

If you want to convert MBOX to PDF for Mac, the manual process is also available for users to export MBOX to PDF format but it can be performed only on few MBOX files. This process will definitely work for you but you need to follow the few simple steps: -

  1. Firstly, Transfer your Mac mail files to .mbox format.
  2. And then Convert MBOX to PDF format.

How to Export MBOX files from Mac Mail, for accessing MBOX files of Mac mail user need to follow the following steps: -

  • Open Mac Mail >> Select Folder >> Right click on folder >> Export Mailboxes..
  • Choose destination location to save exported MBOX files.
  • Now take the resultant MBOX folder and use the MBOX to PDF Converter to convert MBOX files to PDF format.

Use this tool which can successfully export MBOX to PDF format. It can successfully convert MBOX to PDF format in few seconds. It can be easily done by following the simple 3 step process: -

  • Download the MBOX to PDF Converter and install it in the system.
  • Browse and select the MBOX files from the system.
  • Choose destination location to save their resultant PDF file in the system.
  • Last and the final step is to click on Convert.


It is a simple process for users to convert the MBOX to PDF format for Mac mails. After converting the MBOX to PDF format users need to open the PDF file which requires the Adobe Reader in the system. The resultant PDF file can be easily opened in any version of Adobe Reader.

Prominent Features of MBOX to PDF Converter

Some of the main advance features of the utility are given below: -

  • Batch Export MBOX to PDF format for Mac users.
  • Complete preview of email messages is available for users before converting it into PDF format.
  • Complete conversion of MBOX files and their data items into PDF format.
  • It maintains the folder hierarchy even after the conversion of MBOX to PDF format.
  • Supports multiple email clients so that user of any MBOX supported email client can easily convert MBOX to PDF format.
  • Windows supportable utility which can successfully converts MBOX to PDF format.
  • Various file naming options is available for users.

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